how come it seems like as soon as i get famous
that every man want some payment
and every woman is allergic to latex
they send me that late text
they all on the same shit, my songs in their playlist
and they tell me they love me but, i swear they must be faking
hollywood is too dangerous, the pills that they taking

i don’t wanna make it

look at me, tell me once, tell me twice, you took the wrong advice

x like 8 lol

how come it seems like as soon as i turn the corner
you feasting on all my friends, give them box, like time warner i’m
alone in bed, just thinking bout what you said
you can fuck me over, but you’ll never fuck my friends again

thats a promise, you’re so dishonest,
and i can tell by your eyes, that you wanna cry
your hearts broken (remember me) and its chronic (hanging from the cherry tree)
doctor says only recovery is late nights and ecstasy (remember me)

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