This Is Not A Love Song

Our new EP “Rain” is available for download on iTunes right now! Please check it out and share this! Thanks guys.

Source by Halfway to Hollywood

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  1. Excellent production, hey, this is a hit!

  2. I particularly like the punchy sound and the vocal.

  3. BEST Radio Imaging

    sounds good! we like it.

  4. Fun to listen this song. Good luck

  5. Yep. Your drummer got the groove on. And great sounding cans too.

  6. branches that lead to nowhere

    nice song the love the name of it , good song to start the day!!

  7. Freddy Henriksson-Krusell

    Nice drums 🙂

  8. The Canary Robbery

    Dig the syncopation of the lyrics/melody with the guitar chunk and the drum…cheers fellas

  9. you guys are awesome!

  10. Docta P. (Peyroux)

    nicely done guys. Nice versatile production here, and quite clean sound !)


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