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  1. This is horrible for his health and mental health

  2. he do need help. that's a fact.

  3. Dude looking at him makes me physically sick especially In some of the TikTok’s or YouTube shorts of him I see like he moves in a certain way and makes certain faces and shit that’s just weird as hell but I guess all attention is good attention

  4. The fact that people destroy themselves for views is disgusting.

  5. I really hope he does change, it would be horrible if he passed. I would honestly watch him if he started his old videos again and started to work on his health

  6. Jokes on everyone saying first the publisher was first hahahahah

  7. actually nick wasnt healthy when he was thin either because of his veganism

  8. 11th Lol and this dude actually needs help man's is gonna die

  9. I actually remember hearing that he stopped being vegan because that was actually killing him due to his lack of nutrients

  10. He’s literally killing himself for views, attention, and money. Channels like his should not be allowed on YouTube. The same goes for Eugenia Cooney.

  11. He stopped being vegan because he's pet parrot died

  12. Man you could pay him 10 million dollars to get help and he would just take the money lie and keep eating

  13. Get ready to be called fatphobic lmao

  14. you can’t change a person who doesn’t want to change themself, but I hope he realizes soon enough that his lifestyle is just not it

  15. He is okay mentally with his boyfriend, but physically.. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  16. I hope he changes because if not, it will take his life to show people what can happen to you

  17. I always see him everywhere and I was wondering if anyone would talk about him because I really am worrying about his health I really do hope he changes cause there are many people that are like him that are only doing it for the money and the view like one day he could suffocate to death because of eating to much food( I think).

  18. He got clapped by his bf on vid

  19. Fun fact about avocado he used to be skinny before he was fat Iwas subscribe

  20. Cool video and I hope he change his health

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