Top 22 Most VIRAL Climbing Clips of 2022 | January

Today, Culann takes us through the MOST Viral climbing clips from our Instagram! (@climbers.crag)

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  1. #16 😶 that's exactly why I need a proper crashpad lol

  2. Does anyone else find giant indoor whippers to be a bit childish? Don't get me wrong, victory whips are a great way to deal with fear, but when people take intentional falls from the top of a route and come within striking distance of their belayer, I cringe.

  3. Still waiting for the clip thats in the thumbnail… Clickbait?

  4. So what you mean is top 17 dyno viral clips and some climbing clips.
    If some people did this stuff they are either gonna wrap themselves in rope or dislocate something.

  5. I like these videos a lot but I have one issue and it's kind of a big one. A lot of this stuff isn't even climbing. I'm not talking about the fall videos because those are awesome. It's all the parkour/campusing. That stuff just isn't real climbing. The top three were entirely campusing/parkour. Idk… this stuff just really bugs me. It takes little to no climbing skill/technique to do that stuff

  6. Dynos have gotten so boring it’s insane. I wanna see climbing, not parkour

  7. How is #7 viral it only came out 3 days ago?

  8. I don’t dislike parkour! I just like climbing more! I mean no disrespect. I will just think twice before watching another top 22 „climbing“ clips video.

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