Vatos Locos (2016) | Official Trailer HD

Two Chicano brothers Esteban (Ricco Chapa) and Raul grow up hard on the streets of Los Angeles. Their papa gets executed when they are only seven years old for a drug deal gone bad.
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DIRECTED BY Damian Chapa
STARRING Damian Chapa, Ricco Chapa, Gabriel Tang, Bougart Linares, Alejandro Matias, Marianela Rojas, Oscar Duens, Jay Tavare




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  1. que mierda es esto mis ojos sangran

  2. Alguien q me pase el link de la peli para desgargarlo por favor

  3. The budget isn't the problem… The camera work, direction, script, and the movie trying to be a gang movie, hood movie, action flick, Kung Fu movie, drama, shoot em up gore fest, all at the same time and shot with one handheld camera, thatsss the problem 🤯🥴


  5. Lo único bueno es Damián chapa y la canción de la película y del trailer

  6. I'm gonna cut off this movie's placa! It's no Vato Loco 😂

  7. YouTubers can make a better movie

  8. damian chapa it shows that he is very stuck in the role of gangster even so it did not go well

    curious fact: In 2011 Damian Chapa was arrested in Madrid and later transferred to a Munich jail waiting to appear in court, accused of the alleged rape of his ex-girlfriend Roxanna Foell. He was subsequently released in September 2011 after being in custody for seven weeks. Chapa has apparently already filed a $ 1.3 million lawsuit for damages against Foell.

  9. Directed by Logan Paul.

  10. this is like watching david silveria playing in korn and after that watching a video of the band where hes playing now 🥳

  11. Único comentario en Español

  12. In all actuality, Blood In Blood Out (1993) was also a knockoff film…of American Me (1992).

  13. I give props to raza making movies
    I thought miklo was goin Inblood in blood out

    But coming from myself who grew up here in southern Cali around of that Chicano cultura and gang life style. I knew a carnal
    And this movie is to cheasy. I’m sorry.

  14. This has got to be about the worst movie ever

    First of all. Anyone that grew up in gangs like I did here in SoCal knows we don’t beef with Chinese or white gangs. It’s 99% Chicano on Chicano or Chicanos and blacks.

  15. es el mismo actor que interpreto a MICLO ??

  16. I thought dis movie was finna be like blood in and blood out 😭 same actors and shit FUCK

  17. Ese miklo puras películas de vato loco hace 🤣

  18. I take no free ticket on no one's train!

  19. Damian Chapa stayed on character of miklo that's why he thinks he's a gangster in real life and all those movies he's making they suck 👎👎

  20. Who directed this movie😂

  21. Only part I like is when they chainsawed that gabacho corrupt pig 👮‍♀️ off . Wish they did that for real to real corrupt dirty puercos 👮‍♂️

  22. No Mamés this is hella funny now I feel bad for milkwee


  24. What type of bullshit is this???

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