We Are The Wild Ones

Download on iTunes for only 99 cents! http://bit.ly/1mPg3x4

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Halfway To Hollywood
Vancouver BC, Canada
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  1. great music….being playin it all day

  2. Freddy Henriksson-Krusell

    Good rythmic guitar comp 🙂

  3. #SupportTheArtist wanna have it on my iPhone

  4. guys, this is great! thanks for following;) I wish I could visit your concert one day

  5. Panic Productions

    This is really slick…

  6. I bet this song is killing in the club. How do you get your drums to sounds so warm?

  7. teen pop? well, whatever it is, it’s catchy. love the vocals. song flows real good.

  8. Catchy track & solid production! Thanks for adding to the juke box.

  9. yup we are definitely the wild one’s

  10. wow never sound better

  11. sounds so good! 🙂

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