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  1. Me and my outcast cousin SCREAM this


    it’s hotter here in hell but it’s gettin real dark see!!!!

  3. i adore this song sm

  4. amazing song

  5. thats the clean version I dont like that

  6. listening in 2021

  7. @1000353-16487483: same

  8. Did they just bleep out the word coke

  9. @tristan-ash-898774231 coke fiends yea

  10. wish this was uncensored

  11. my 2016 song


    You can see god when i take my mask off! #HU4L

  13. I love this song

  14. same 2020

  15. listening is 2021

  16. listening in 2020

  17. Listening in 2019

  18. if you listen clsoely to the lyrics, you undestand this song deeply.

  19. @hakeem-so-ded damn,1 year later and didnt even realize i spelled closely wrong.

  20. @hakeem-so-ded ok boomer

  21. @kata-plata ok dead meme

  22. I am in love with this song

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