Woman Falls During Wedding Rehearsal | Top Viral Videos Of The Week

Watch that step! #Rehearsal #Wedding #Fail #Fall #BestOfTheWeek #TiH #ThisIsHappening

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  1. omg u threw a ball into a hole. YOURE A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Idiots at 6:04 just needed to take their foot off the pedal so it would stop strapping them down to the table😂😂 it’s seriously one of the most simple machines to operate, we put people with disabilities on that machine at my old lumber yard and they NEVER had an issue. These guys should find work elsewhere if they’re almost choking themselves to death banding up lumber

  3. 1:00 david dobrik and natalie's doppelgangers :O

  4. 2:10 meteors can be any color, like fireworks, they just need specific metal-oxides to color a fireball: but at any point, watching the meteorite, it could explode as a mid-air-burst; you'd see it seconds before the shock-wave hits.

  5. The spider crawling out of the napkin is something I have feared my entire life…

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