Worlds *MOST* Viewed GAMING YouTube Shorts! (VIRAL CLIPS)

World’s Most Viewed YouTube shorts – Viral Gaming clips!
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World’s most video YouTube Shorts – Gaming edition for August 2021! These are the MOST VIEWED videos from Fortnite, Poppy Playtime, Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy, GTA, Minecraft, Roblox and more!


➖ Ali-A Fortnite Maps! ➖
🔨 Ali-A Gun Game! – 9378-2655-7894
🔨 Ali-A World! – 6799-0061-6728
🔨 Ali-A Box Fight 1v1 – 2345-5663-8681
🔨 Ali-A Box Fight 2v2 to 5v5 – 2066-1508-4270
🔨 Ali-A Box Fight 16 Players – 0354-3907-1263
🔨 Ali-A Box Fight 16 (Respawn) – 7211-0450-1109

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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)


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  1. Twi Shorts what are you doing here

  2. Fortnight and Roblox and Mario is what I play

  3. pp


  4. Wait Ali-A did not notice that you can't place water in the nether?.

  5. You can not place water in the Netherlands

  6. At #10number10 the people put water in the nether

  7. Those giant building videos are fake, they install a plugin or some weird thing which makes a image that you have saved appear in minecraft. Then they simply memorise the blocks and where they went so they can put the blocks back and rush away so you can see the entire thing.

  8. Just joking, l like your video

  9. 8:34 is fake you can’t have water in the nether

  10. He put water in the nether 8:30

  11. Am I the only one who realized in clip 10 he placed water in the nether

  12. you can't place water in the nether

  13. How did he water bucket in nether

  14. I want to hug you buggy see that was Adam and Justin I love lanky box

  15. The predator among us one is SSundee for anyone who doesn’t know

  16. My favourite games are Minecraft and Roblox and call of duty

  17. Hey do you know #4 11:21 is a Pilipino i know couse i a Pilipino to

  18. huggy wuggy was created in 1957

  19. you can't place water in the nether right?

  20. Sundee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!,,!

  21. Meme on #10: plays in the nether
    Morealia: cant you just place some water
    Meme: used water on the beginning
    Me: hold up

  22. Erm first of all the mario one is fake

  23. Pause it at 1:15


  24. waaaaaa at 8:35 they placed a water bucket in the "NETHER"….. defenetly cap

  25. Two shorts. I. Love. Your. Videos. On. TikTok. It’s. All. Ways. Go. On. Pone

  26. Why did no one notice that the guy placed water at the nether

  27. My guy placed water in the nether

  28. At 4:58 when the girl got aside and then the boy came out and showing his herobrine type eyes I loved it how he said : WHAT THE HECK WHO IS THAT!

  29. when ther was a guy in the nether saving his friend HE PLaCED WaTER IN THE NETHER

  30. #10 is fake, they’re in the nether and he placed water

  31. Did anyone else notice that he placed water in the nether at 8:28

  32. lol number 10 you cant place water in the nether

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