xQc Laughing at Funny Clips for 10 Minutes Straight | Reaction #2

xQc reacts to a bunch of funny clips, videos & memes that will make him laugh, with chat reaction. Enjoy this new ”xQc Reacts” video!
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xQcOW is a Twitch streamer and also a pro Overwatch player. El Goblino is known for his extremely Pepega behaviour, rages and funny moments, like saying cheeto.
xQcOW’s favorite channels to react to are mostly Daily Dose of Internet, Unusual Memes and MemerMan.
xQcOW also plays games like Minecraft, GTA RP, Fortnite and many more with full playthrough and with chat reaction.
His stream gained a lot of exposure after getting stream sniped by Juul Trooper in Fortnite and being featured in a PewDiePie video showcasing the Elundis Core.
Some of xQc’s friends that are also streamers are Adeptthebest(just roommates btw), Soda(Sodapoppin), Greek(Greekgodx), Moxy, Poke and Forsen.

If you are the original video creator and want me to delete this video, contact me at thesagaofxqc@gmail.com

Welcome to The Saga of xQc
#TheSagaofxQc #xQc #xQcOW



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  1. big man ting i don't even know what that out the wazoo ting is brev but shout out to my juicer people brev you get me

  2. I'm REALLY surprised there isnt the "AUGHHHHHHH" meme in this video

  3. What was so funny about that people driving lol


  5. i love xqc's silent laughs 🙂

  6. bro where is the AUUUGHHHH

  7. He should play the gta 5 story with chaos mod

  8. 1:46 anyone know the song? shits bangin'

  9. You don't have to zoom his camera when he laughs. We can see him laugh

  10. When Forsen Snipers came in with the Pokemon Battle music I was dead lol at 5:51

  11. Whatts the title for the video of the guy doing pullups? that had me dying

  12. last clip so funny HAHAHAHAHA

  13. holy shit the gta one got me with almost every punch

  14. that forsen clip with snipers killed me

  15. I will never understand how that first clip with spiderman is funny at all

  16. I didn't get the will smith joke ? Can anyone explain pls?

  17. I literally didn't stop laughing all through that last clip and now my neck hurts

  18. Can anyone link the haircut meme? I looked on his reddit but I believe it was deleted

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