YNW Melly – Take Off (Lyrics Video) Edit By Drewfilmedit

Source by Hollywood Unlocked

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  1. This fs my fev melly song

  2. Been. Fan since fl water song

  3. I fuck a bitch

  4. free melly ynw4L🌏

    free melly ion care what he did at this point or about his music i want him free because I want him to be happy

  5. @jaquez-sims-314639030 no cap

  6. Free melly

  7. Free melly frfr, idc if he did that shit or not his music too hard for me to care 😂

  8. @diablopierce facts

  9. guilty to proven innocent

  10. Free da goat LLSAK LLJUVY

  11. 😈😈

  12. @user-773520763 🤣

  13. Hes ass

  14. free melly ynw4L🌏

    @user-31258594 cap

  15. free melly ynw4L🌏

    free melly

  16. free melly ynw4L🌏

    ths go hard foreal

  17. free melly ynw4L🌏


  18. truth is we don’t care if he’s innocent or not, we just wanna say we have reason to believe we know him well enough to say he’s innocent so we can have him out the dungeon

  19. frree melly 🤯🥶🔥

  20. free Melly 🌎🌏🌍

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